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Zal Heusen PE is responsible of designing and overseeing the construction of the following major projects.

Natick Mall Addition & Nouvelle Condos, Natick, MA.


Three 1250-ton chillers and three 500-horse power boilers are installed to provide Cooling and heating to this prestigious mall. The state of the art digital control system provides precise temperature and humidity level regardless of the number of occupants. Carbon monooxide sensors are used to control the ventilation air for large underground parking garages.

Luxury condos located next to the mall are heated and cooled by water-side heat pumps. Simultaneous heating and cooling is available throughout the year. The ventilation fans used in the garage are equipped with large silencers to produce extremely low noise level to avoid disturbing the occupants. 

Architect for the Mall: Beyer Blinder Belle, New York, New York.

Architect for the Condos: ADD Inc. Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Total project cost: $ 550 Million 

United Airline Terminal, Chicago, IL.


Large variable air volume boxes and multiple mechanical rooms are utilized to heat and cool these long, narrow and arch-like walkways. Air distribution system is hidden and not visible from the walkways to enhance the beauty of the structure. This project won the first prize for the architectural design innovation.

Architect: A Epstein and Son.

Total project cost: $ 600 Million.

King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


The university is 13,000,000 sq.ft. and has over fifteen buildings. The medium temperature hot water and chilled water is distributed in a large, 16-mile long underground tunnel and then distributed to each facility. Air distribution system is based on dual duct system for precise temperature and humidity control.

Remotely located central plant has a visitor platform where visitors and school children are taken to show the latest technology for plant equipment and and its controls.

Architect: HOK. St. Louise, MO.

Total project cost: $ 3.5 Billion.

US Embassy and Staff Housing, Cairo, Egypt.

The embassy is located in down town Cairo. Due to the pollution caused by heavy traffic, special air filtration is utilized to reduce the pollutant from the ventilation air. Multi zone air distribution is designed to meet the various temperature requirements in the Embassy. Solar heating system is used to generate domestic hot water to reduce energy cost.

Mechanical systems are designed to meet the normal security concerns associated with embassy location.

Architect: The Architects Collaborative

Total project cost: $ 150 Million

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