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Partial list of medium & small size projects designed under Zal Heusen's supvision:

(Total construction cost of $50,000 and up).


  • Malden School, Malden, MA.
  • Lexington School, Lexington, MA.
  • University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Several projects.
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Several projects.
  • Rutland High School, Rutland, MA.


  • St. Vincent Hospital, Worcester, MA.
  • Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA.
  • Deaconess Hospital, Boston, MA.
  • George Washington Hospital, Washington, DC.


  • Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
  • Umass, Dartmouth, Laboratories
  • Analog Devices, Wilmington, MA.
  • Genetic Institute, Andover, MA.
  • Gillette Facility, Andover, MA.

Office Buildings/Residential Buildings:

  • Polaroid administrative building, Cambridge, MA.
  • St. Vincent Hospital administrative building, Worcester, MA.
  • 8-10 Lancaster Street apartments, Cambridge, MA.
  • Various residential buildings for the City of Cambridge.

Manufacturing Facilities: 

  • Analog Devices: Central Utility Plant, Wilmington, MA. 1,500-ton refrigeration plant and associated clean rooms.
  • IBM 970 Back End of the line clean rooms, Burlington, Vermont.
  • IBM addition of a 5000 ton chillers and hydraulic study of the chilled and high temperature water distribution system.. Burlington, Vermont.
  • IBM building 310: High temperature water and steam system analysis.Fishkill, N.Y

Religious  Buildings

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint, Belmont, MA.

 50,000 sq.Ft. Prestigious Mosque, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

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